Best Compact Treadmills 2020:

We know that the limited workout space is one of the biggest problems that has faced by the plenty of people when it comes to purchasing a good working treadmill. This is where compact treadmills come into the picture and one can understand the proper use of the compact treadmill. A compact treadmill is the fantastic option when you deal with the space issue, especially when you’re planning to run regularly in an apartment, small condo, or in small room in your house. As compact treadmills are lightweight, budget friendly and are often portable, which makes it easier for the person to move and store them in their house due to the treadmill’s smaller size.

These considerations may often leave people choosing the treadmills that are cheap and compact. But many of these kind of cheap treadmills are hardly worth the price of shipping, as they often shake, create rattling noises as you use them, and break down in a matter of months and then just become the showcase of the house. That’s why it is important to choose your new compact treadmill with care and full knowledge.

If you are in search of a compact treadmill just as sturdy as the traditional non-folding treadmill. That must have all engaging features which are designed for convenient use at home and that may help you to attain your fitness goals, then think wisely and choose efficiently.

Reviews on few compact treadmills 2020:

Pro-Form SMART Performance 600i Treadmill:

With many of the same features from more expensive Pro-Form treadmills, the Pro-Form SMART Performance 600i treadmill turn out to an excellent compact treadmill. This is in-use dimensions of this treadmill are 33.5” wide, 69.8” long, and 56.42” high. With these compact measurements and the SMART Performance of 600i shouldn’t be in the way too much even when they left unfolded.

When you thought of to fold up the SMART Performance 600i, it has a compact footprint. It measures 33.5” wide, 39” long, and 63.25” high when it is in the folded position. Folding up SMART Performance 600i easiest enough, thanks to the Easy-Lift Assist built inside this treadmill that reduced the difficulty of lifting the deck and allows it to be unfolded with no problem. With this feature it requires less space and easy maintenance. A decent warranty also comes inside with this.

But treadmill belt length and width makes the use of the machine quite restrictive. This is designed for mostly walkers and joggers not for intense training.

NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill:

One of the most affordable treadmills in the list of our best compact treadmill is the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si. An improvement over the old T 6.5 S, the 2020 version of the now T 6.5 Si treadmill it still brings a compact size with the increase in excellent features. The measurements of the T 6.5 Si are like this; 36” wide, by 67.5” long, and 73” tall. These streamlined measurements made it easier to bring home the T 6.5 Si to an apartment or small home.

When you raise your machine deck and lock the T 6.5 Si treadmill into the folded position, this machine measures 36” wide, by 36.8” wide, and 79.5” tall. As for treadmill belt space, you still have to work on the plenty of room to move on the 20” wide belt that is 55” long. Even better, users who weigh up to 300 lbs can use the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si safely. Enjoy the plenty of treadmill belt area as you work out.

It has lack of in-built fans to keep your body cooler. There is no chest strap that comes with this.

Horizon T202 Treadmill:

This treadmill comes with a range of various different workout programs built into it, which allows you to target difference exercise aspects like it used to do calorie burn, weight loss, heart rate, distance covered, speed, and incline workouts. All of this is tracked on a backlit LCD screen that it is built into the console. It will have plenty of treadmill belt area to exercise on, as this treadmill comes with a 20” wide by 60” long belt.

When you are done with the T202 treadmill, you can fold it up the deck. In the folded position, this treadmill measures 34” wide, 47” long, and 65” tall. The T202 treadmill is also light weight, so you can fold up this treadmill very easily and easily roll it away out of sight. It comes with Feather like Light folding technology, so when you are ready to use the T202 treadmill again, it will be easy for you to release the deck and make use of it again.

Again here is a problem that it won’t provide you much air circulation. And it is designed for light running, walking and jogging only.


Well, for one thing, you must know that all of these treadmills are on the more affordable side of things, as treadmill will get manufacturer tend to make their entry-level and mid-range treadmills on the smaller side. More expensive treadmills are built with commercial-grade materials and are generally larger then normal and may or may not be able to fold. Compact treadmills provide you quality construction, dimension in use and folded, treadmill belt length setup, range of features that you can select by your own.

As you can consider the best compact treadmills of the 2020, feel free to read through our full reviews of each and every machine. With these reviews at your disposal, you can make the completely informed choice when it comes to purchasing the new treadmill.