Best Pro-Form Treadmills:

Pro-Form Fitness is the leading fitness brand which was owned by ICON, a company who manufactures the treadmills and the other fitness machines for home use. Pro-Form made quality products and better known for offering technically rich, interactive exercise machines. They offer treadmill at online sale prices currently ranging from $999 to $1,999.

Now the question arises here, what makes this brand technically rich in our review? Colour touchscreen, built-in speakers or Bluetooth speaker and contains the facility to access the interactive training are Pro-Form hallmarks.

These machines are iFit-enabled, allowing you to enjoy the personal training, workout programs with interactive Google Maps, Street Views and much more, you can also listen to your favourite songs while doing workout. iFit allows you to virtually travel the world on your treadmill and this gives you access to the comprehensive personal training for fitness and nutrition.

Some Best Pro-Form Treadmills Brief:

Pro-Form SMART Pro 2000:

This is the best-selling Pro-Form Pro 2000 treadmill, which is built by ICON is a great machine loaded with features, and sells for a relatively low price. This machine is designed for joggers, walkers and runners. In particular, everyone like the fact that one can incline and decline the Pro-Form Pro 2000 deck by -3% to 15%, this provides you the sensation that you are running up and down on the hills. 

It also offers you the benefit of targeting additional lower body muscles, so if one wants to work on their lower body fat this will be the preferable option. Pro-Form smart pro 2000 treadmill consists of features like it has the facility of 7’’ HD SMART Touchscreen, Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor, 3.5 Continuous Duty HP Motor, declines and inclines ( this allows you to stimulate your running up and down over the hills), 22’’ * 60’’ running surface, iFit ready, sync with google maps,32 installed workout programs, speaker system with iPod/MP3 player. This is the overall package of workout for home use and it costs around $1,399.

Pro-Form SMART Pro 5000:

The Pro-Form Smart Pro 5000 treadmill offers

you the leading edge and is designed for runners. It is one of the most popular models in this price range.

This is the new version of Pro 5000 named as Smart Pro 5000 come up with better feature and high performance rate. This consists of various ice-breaking features like 4.0 continuous duty HP motor, 15% incline-3%

decline, space saver folding, 22″ x 60″ Running Surface, iFit Ready, Cool-Aire Fan, 38 Installed Workout Programs, Speaker System with iPod/MP3 Player.

The Pro-Form SMART Pro 500 comes up with the warranty of 5 year parts, and 2 year labour. Overall, it is a great improvement in features for a very minimal price increase. Just $1,499.

Pro-Form SMART PRO 9000:

The Pro-Form smart pro 9000 Treadmill is the top of the line model. This model comes up with every premium feature that Pro-Form needs to offer, and they also have quite a few. The Pro-Form smart pro 9000 treadmill consists of a heavy duty running machine with the features that are designed to motivate and entertain you while you run in particular place for a long.

Since, running in a fixed place under a fixed area can be boring, being motivated and time to time entertainment is a big plus. This will help you to do so. This model consists of several features like both incline and decline, 10″ Smart HD Touchscreen, iPad Holder, 2.5” Rollers, 22″ x 60″ Tread belt, 4.0 Continuous Duty HP Motor, fitness tracking program, Heart Monitor and Control, Speakers and MP3 Input, 40 Installed Workouts. The warranty suggests the durability of the machine. It costs around $1,999.

Pro-Form SMART Power 1295 i :

This model is the big brother of power 995i. The Pro-Form

smart power 1295i is the addition of a 7” Smart HD touchscreen that will allow you to enjoy the features of iFit live directly on your treadmill while also accessing the Internet. This new model comes up with the various upgradation likewise: strong motor, additional workout apps, enhanced warranty.

Apart from this, the machine may also consist of premium features like 20×60” Deck Size, 0-12MPH and 15% Digital Incline Quick Controls, Folding Design, EKG Heart Rate Monitor, Fan, 350 lb Weight Capacity, Integrated Tablet Holder / iPod Compatible, ProShox Cushioning. This whole wonderful setup costs only $1,299.


This Pro-Form treadmill is the machine that thoroughly works without getting stopped. And the features that were provided are completely worthy in comparison to the price you pay Pro-Form has an inclusive range of treadmills to suit and fit over every budget and type of exerciser.

Their wide variety of prices and models make them affordable for about everyone to use and there is a sharp increase in quality as the prices increase. This is evidence of a brand that understands its different users’ needs and can furnish their product according to the markets need. This is the sign of good company.…

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