The best left-handed compound bows

If you are willing to buy a compound bow, you might consider various factors before buying one. One of the necessary elements is the compound bow’s length and width because if a compound bow is shorter, it will produce more pressure compared to a longer and heavier compound bow. There are various other factors, such as versatility and speed.

A compound bow’s speed is one of the necessary things because the compound bow will cover the higher the firing speed longer. If you want a perfect compound bow, you need to see various other factors such as the axial length and the compound bow’s weight.

Most compound bow companies use high-quality wireframe, one of the best materials you can look out there.

Diamond archery infinite edge.


With being the most rated compound bow on the online-offline market, it comes with the whole package. This bow can range up to 13 to 31 inches, suitable for various human heights and weights. This compound bow has a dynamic design and can fire a bow with a speed of 310 feet per second.

The string on the lower end has high-quality fabric and is made from waterproof and non-tearable fabric. This compound bow also comes with a camera present on its upper panel and can record clearly. It also comes with a binary camera system and has an adjustable pocket.

This bow’s detachable feature is one of the most highlighted things in this product because you can detach the whole body into pieces and then can use it or carry it around in your bag. It comes with various adjustable styles and technologies. This compound bow has a design that is built for left-handed users.

Bear compound bow

Bear archery cruiser is a high-quality compound bow from the company bear. This compound bow is built with precision and high-quality materials and can be used by a child or professionals. The design follows up pattern texture all over the body and comes with detachable hooks on both ends. It also has space for a camera.

It has exciting features including, draw length and draws weight feature. It weighs around 3.2 LBS, which is light as compared to others. It also comes with an advanced group design, which can increase your accuracy. The grip on it can also decrease the hand torque. It also comes with a string suppressor.

Genius bow


Genius’s original bow is an unofficial bow of national artery school, and it has been used in various schools in states. It has a simple design and cheaper variants. It comes in different sizes and can be used by small hands or left-handed archers.

It also comes with an aluminum riser and has an idler wheel. The quality is one of the most important things about this bow, and it also supports suppressed string. It also comes with a dual-tone finish of black with various other colors. Overall it is one of the cheapest and high quality both that you can get for left-handed users.