Top 5 Best Wall Mount Fan with Remote 2020

Havells Swing Dzire 300mm Ceiling Fan

Swing Dzire wall Fan founded by Havells. Wall Fan to keep you and your area relaxed and fresh all summer long time work. The Swing D’zire wall fans come with a trendy and compact design. Even you can add an exciting touch to your walls. These fans consume less electricity while ensuring superior wall to wall air circulation to its blade design.

This Fan has two models:-

Two-speed regulator

  • You can control the Speed of Fan.
  • With given levels low, medium, and high, the two-way regulator can customize your Fan with season requirements.

Pull cords

  • With pull cords, you can easily adjust the settings of a move around and around, even if you can change the movements of the Fan with pull cords.

Impressive air delivery

  • This Fan comes with air delivery to keep your room neat and even on the hottest days.
  • five-blade design
  • This Fan provides five-blades to give air in your room or office.

1350 RPM

  • RPM is the total Speed of the Fan that is perfect for medium to big rooms. And this will give you faster cooling.
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • This Fan comes with many customization tools so you can tilt your Fan with customization.


  • Color Green
  • Speed 1350mm
  • power consumption 50W
  • Number of Blades 5
  • Blade type AS blade

Havells Platina 400mm Remote Wall Fan

Stylish Wall-mounted Fan Havells Platina wall fan is sure to be a boon of your House in the summers with the rising heat. Even you can easily mount this Fan without any help from a helper or Serviceman, and the Fan will make your room neat and relax the full area with air. Install this Fan in the kitchen and feel free to cock for your family with hotness, and it will be relaxed and comfortable while cooking. The Fan has provided three blades, and the Speed of air delivers 72 cubic speed meters per minute.

  • Built-In Remote Control
  • Enjoy a hassle-free experience with your Fan Havells Platina 400mm Remote Wall Fan
  • Jerk-Free Oscillation
  • The 60-degree oscillation feature
  • of this standing Fan allows turning back and forth in a smooth manner.
  • Efficient Air Delivery
  • The essential job of any Fan is to deliver air. Even you can sweep, the size of the Fan is 400 mm.


  • Color White
  • Three blades
  • Rated input 50 W power
  • Rated speed 1360rpm
  • Thermal overload protector

Bajaj Ultima 300 mm Cabin Fan

Bajaj fans are taking place to mount fans on the wall of companies. Our premium, economy, and energy-efficient ranges offer the best performance and look stunning. And they have something for the children to Disney fans that will put a smile on every children’s face.


  • High-Speed Fan with a speed of 2200 revolutions per minute
  • Rotating Grille that delivers air in every corner.
  • Overload Thermal Protector
  • It looks like a fuse, but it also protects the motor damage.
  • Louvers with grille controls
  • High Air Delivery delivers air up to 60 Cubic Meters per Minute,
  • Low Power Consumption.

Bajaj Ultima PW01 48-Watt Wall Fan (White)

Our comprehensive offerings more things like ceiling, pedestal, wall, and table exhaust and industrial fans This Fan has premium energy-efficient ranges that offer world-class performance that looks stunning. You can even mount this Fan to the wall without any help from a service person, which will take money to install. You can fit anywhere in the House for cooling your particular area.

Make your Work-Life Easy Breezy

  • High Speed
  • This Fan generates a high speed up to 2300 Revolution per Minute.
  • Overland Thermal Protector
  • Protector is a fuse which acts as a protector. The Motor is secure so that you can use it for many years.
  • High Air Thrust
  • High Speed experiences a high blast of the air, which gives relief from the blasting sun.
  • Aerodynamically Balanced Blade is designed PP blades for reducing drag so that it can remove air delivery.
  • Low Power
  • It consumes less power, saves electricity and money.

Ibell VIVA High-Speed Wall Fan with Remote

Ibell Wall fan helps you bear soaring summer temperatures. With the electric Motor, your House and room will keep cooling and your House with cooling relaxation so you can work from home, and even you can mount it at the wall easily than what about your kitchen? Yes, it’s where you need to have one cooling fan which will give air to a particular area.

Three broad blades, the Fan increases the airflow in the room. It is designed for Indian weather conditions.


  • Low noise motor
  • Remote Control Function 5 blades
  • 3-speed options
  • Fifty-five watts electricity to on.